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Point-Of-Sale Equipment and Verifone™ Terminals

Speed your transactions with the latest point-of-sale equipment from ContinuumCard in Westport, Connecticut. Your needs depend on the specifics of your business, and with our experience we can help you find the best solution for you.


Our Verifone™ Vx520 terminals support Swipe, EMV and NFC transactions allowing you to accept all new card types quickly and SECURELY in line with the October 1, 2015 "Liability Switch" date. Wireless and Mobile payments via the Vx680 GPRS or your own iOS or Android device are also available.  We even support other terminal brands including the First Data, Dejavoo, Ingenico and Equinox lines.

POS Tablets
Our business analysis will help you determine the best tablet or POS for your situation. You can choose VeriFone's™ Cloud POS or iConnect POS for retail, restaurants, service industries or salons.   Each offers unique advantages depending on your business.  Or bring us your POS and we will connect you with the best card processor for the lowest rates available.

Credit Cards

Contact us in Westport, Connecticut, for help finding the best point-of-sale equipment, such as Verifone™ terminals.